We are Woohoo!


We are WOOHOO!

Branded content is about the powerful intersection between brands, culture and audience and should be at the heart of every marketing strategy. The growth of social media has played a huge role in making branded content and specifically live content accessible to a large audience.

Live is the new TV – In today digital world, live branded content is seen as the new TV with its ability to broadcast live events, promote brand awareness to huge audiences and it has shown no signs of stopping. Live branded content has changed the way people and brands communicate all over the world.

At WOOHOO, we represent a way for brands to connect and develop deeper relationships with their audiences through entertaining and emotionally engaging content.

With years of experience in the social media space and a finger firmly on the pulse of what’s trending, we are perfectly placed to help you reach your audience in today’s digital world, across all major social media platforms.

We’re WOOHOO! We drive buzz for your brands.

What We Do


Content Creation

Leverage on our extensive list of influencers to create engaging custom branded content with a clear call to action message.



List your products on our marketplace!
We provide a one-stop service from listing, order management to delivery fulfilment.



Monthly, we will host a livestream session and engage influencers to promote our brands’ products.

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